Titan's Flush Joint Threaded Pipe
Titan's flush threaded thermoplastic pipe provides a smooth inner and outer joint surface of the assembled pipe. Flush threads are cut on "state of the art" CNC machinery and are subject to Titan's stringent quality control.

Titan provide flush joint threads that conform to ASTM F480 Standard Specification for thermoplastic well casing pipe and couplings, made in standard dimension ratios (SDR), schedule 40 and schedule 80 or custom cut threads to suit a specific need.

The PVC flush threaded casing pipe and screen shall be manufactured from Type 1, Grade 1 resins as specified in ASTM D1785. The casing pipe shall also meet ASTM D2665.

To assure easy make up, the PVC monitor pipe and screen must be threaded to the ASTM F480-90 specification with O-ring groove turned in the male thread.

Titan maintains an extensive inventory of flush joint threaded PVC well casing and screen used for groundwater monitoring, remediation and dewatering.

O-ring seals are available in Buna or Viton. Screens and casings can be shipped in skids or provided washed with alconox detergent, individually bagged and packaged in wax coated heavy duty boxes.