Titan's Municipal Products

Large Diameter PVC Irrigation & Well Screens

Titan Industries large diameter PVC screens are available in belled end, flush joint threaded ends and Certa-LokTM ends.

Sizes 1/2" through 48 " are available in Schedule 40 and 80 as well as SDR 17, 21 and 26.

Titan's PVC casing and screen conform to ASTM F480 Standard specification for Thermoplastic Well Casing Pipe and Couplings, made in standard dimension ratios (SDR), Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 and are NSF approved.

PVC casing and screen offers a number of advantages over steel, it is resistant to iron bacteria and is non-conductive, it is not affected by electrolytic or galvanic action. PVC is lighter and easier to handle making installation quicker, safer and cost effective.

Slotted PVC offers superior open area providing faster well development. Custom slotting of large diameter screen is commonly done at Titan Industries.

A 20' length of casing can be made with the bottom 5 or 10 feet slotted as screen or the bottom portion of a screen left blank to act as a sump.