Titan's Vertically Slotted Pipe

Certain applications require a collection screen that has a superior tensile strength, some require a collection method that does not allow the smallest zone to be left without slot coverage. Titan's Vertically slotted pipe was developed to fill these special needs.
Titans vertically slotted pipe provides rectangular slots that are cut parallel to the long axis of the pipe. This placement allows more cross sectional area of the pipe to remain solid than other slotted screens, greatly increasing the tensile strength of the pipe, yet providing the open area of slots.

Slots can be placed so they overlap each other, providing a complete linear coverage of the targeted zone. Slot widths of .010" and wider can be produced on a variety of pipe material including PVC type I and II, ABS, CPVC, PTFE and HDPE. Custom lengths and ends are available. Belled ends, gasketed ends, threaded ends, coupled ends as well as custom flush joint threads.